• Justin

The ingredients tell the story

Every great recipe starts with great ingredients whether its your grandmas potato salad or the breakfast you had this morning. Pizzas need their base ingredients as well. You can look at any pizza and see what those would be, they say you can skin a cat a thousand different ways, well that goes for making pizzas. But, the basics will always be Dough, Sauce and Cheese.

But the buck doesn't stop there. For instance the dough, the main ingredient in dough is flour. We use a high quality artisan flour. Although it is a high gluten four and the protein level is

Making dough, portioning and balling.

right at 14g, which is at the high for most bread flours. It is still unbleached and unbromated, which makes it a clean label product. It makes a nice crust that is lightly browned with a soft chewy texture. Guess what, it tastes like bread, the way it should. I personally don't know why the chains want to have flavored crusts, unless they want to mask something like bland ingredients. We use a little Michigan sugar, very little salt, the best yeast and the best oil in the industry to make dough every day at North of Chicago pizza. It is a requirement for our crew to know the basics of dough production. We expect the dough as soon as it hits the table to be portioned and balled in 30 minutes. Then we cover and place those trays into the walk-in for a 24 hour cold fermentation. Dough management is priority. Our dough only has a shelf life of 4 days under cold fermentation. Any longer, the fibers start breaking down and your product will be compromised.

The Sauce is not always the boss. But, it is one of the three main ingredients on your pizza. If it doesn't taste like tomato then what are you getting? For a real pizzeria, if you can't get your sauce right then that's a problem. We see so many people complicate their recipes. I will shoot ya straight. Ours is minimalistic at best. We use whole plum tomatoes, this keeps those natural juices in for that unbelievably fresh never been overcooked taste. We also use fresh organic basil, fresh organic oregano and fresh locally sourced garlic. just a pinch of salt and pepper. And that's it! No oil, No sugar, No BS period.

Is your cheese cheesy? Id bet we have the best cheese in town, hands down! If you are one of those chains or restaurants with low margins it shows with the portions and the quality of

Grande Whole milk mozzarella


If you use a cheap cheese it will show. We use the best whole milk Mozzarella in the industry and trusted by thousands of independent pizzerias world wide for many years. So to be the best you need to use the best.

To wrap it all up our crust tastes like bread, our cheese is cheesy and our pepperoni is greasy. There are other restaurants and fast food joints in town that you can get a pizza but, is it a great one? Opinions may vary, you can get a cheap $5 pizza but, the problem is still there you need to eat it if you bought it. Im talking about a locally-owned and operated pizzeria with the true love of making hot fresh pizzas for the customers because we want to, not because we need to.

We are North of Chicago Pizza, we are the Best of the Best! We are your freshest locally owned and operated pizzeria in Sault Ste. Marie, Mi

Come see us and see why. Just remember we're not the cheapest, and we don't use the cheapest ingredients either.


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